Wedding Events ::

Thursday, 8/9, 6:00pm -
If you're in town stop by our house ( for some drinks and dinner. Shoot us an email at so we can get a count for food.

Friday, 8/10, 8:30pm -
After a dinner with family we'll be heading to Digapony ( for drinks . It is on SE Grand and Morrison (on the east side of Portland just over the Morrison bridge). We'll have a large table reserved for 8:30pm (under Beth Cohen) and hope to grab other tables as people arrive. Join us for a drink.

Saturday, 8/11, 6:00pm -
The Wedding! The Armory is accessible by cab, transit and walking. For those that have a car and want to drive, there is street parking and a few parking lots in the area ( We will be providing a shuttle to take folks from the Amory to any downtown hotel and will have early, later and late night trips that people can take. We will announce the departure times at the reception.